Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the residents of Great Falls, Virginia with a community farmers market…

A “vision-driven” farmers market – The Great Falls Community Farmers Market fulfills the wishes of local residents as expressed in the Great Falls 2020 Vision Survey to have a local farmers market as part of building a vibrant semi-rural village center.

A “community” market – As one of the few markets in Fairfax County that is not county-sponsored, this market exists to build a sense of community in Great Falls.  Everyone is welcome!

A “producer-only” market – As a “farm-to-table” market, as a general rule, only vendors who grow, cultivate, produce, or make their products may sell at our market.

 Specific information on vendor’s growing practices, etc.,  is available on the specific vendor’s page of our web site.

When you come to the market, remember to walk all the way around the full circle.  Most of our vendors have started their very own “micro” businesses just to bring what they have grown, cultivated, produced or made to our Great Falls community.  They have an earnest commitment to create, grow, cultivate, produce their products in the very best way possible.  Your comments and suggestions are always helpful and welcome.