This Season

Summer at the Great Falls Farmers Market

Music 7-5-14Summer, the wait for the first signs of the summer harvest.  The big news of the first berries, melons, squash, zucchini, eggplant – the first tomatoes – the early peaches.  What splendor to welcome each small item that we often take for granted.  It means so much more when it is harvested in order, when it becomes ready for our local farmers at a specific point in time – their time to be ready.  Such big news brings big delight!  And then the recipes unfold. The crimini mushrooms are a big seller because they can be eaten raw in a gorgeous raw salad.  The portabellas barbeque just like a steak.  Raw takes on new meaning when combined with nutritionally dense ingredients to nourish and protect.  Music fills the air as we gather in light clothing and minimal shoes, being available to say hello to each other and enjoy the spirit of local community. Each summer Saturday is special because of the abundant unfolding we have the good fortune to experience – we watch the subtle drama and rejoice.