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 i am… natural was started by a mom on a mission to make better clothing for her own children.

Darling sustainable designs...summer children's fashion...

Darling sustainable designs…summer children’s fashion…


Innovative Designs

  • We believe children’s clothing should be designed practically for busy parents and kids. All of our clothing is machine washable and able to be thrown in the dryer.
  • We want our clothing to be useful for as long as possible. So, we make sure that it fits for at least two sizes. Many of our clothes fit for up to four sizes.
  • We offer many reversible items. Reversibility allows the garment to be worn twice as much. It is fun for kids and practical for parents. If a child gets a stain in the middle of the day- just flip it to the other side. It is great for traveling- pack one item and have two outfits.
  • We use beautiful, bright, playful prints that remain true to the timeless sense of style reflected in our clothing.

Only the Highest Quality Fabric

  • We test wash every fabric 50 times to ensure that it is of the highest quality.
  • We only use fabrics made from natural fibers.
  • We prioritize the use of organic fabrics over conventionally grown cotton.
  • We use American made fabric whenever possible.
  • We prewash all fabric in eco-friendly detergent to eliminate annoying shrinkage and ensure that only pure and clean fabrics touch children’s delicate skin.

Handcrafted Clothing

  • We create every item care with in the United States in clean and comfortable sewing studios.
  • We stand behind our craftsmanship and strive to create heirloom quality clothing.

Clothes that Play with Children

  • We will always infuse fun into our designs. We hope to provide that favorite clothing item that your child can’t wait to have clean to wear again.
  • We will add pockets whenever possible. Because… pockets are fun and useful!
  • We use beautiful, bright, playful prints that remain true to the timeless sense of style reflected in our clothing.

Superior Comfort

We want our children’s clothing to be comfortable for even the most sensitive child. We hide all seams. We tuck away itchy tags. We use soft fabrics. We design clothes that feel good while playing and adjust to always find the perfect fit. Our clothes would feel good even to the Princess and the Pea.

Environmentally Conscientious

We do business with the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles. We save every scrap of fabric made from the production of our garments. We recycle every scrap of paper and packaging. We use 100% recycled bags and tissue paper.

A Committed Family

  • Serving families by providing high quality clothing that is fun to wear and is designed to be versatile and long-lasting.
  • Sustaining our planet by using organic materials and environmentally-conscious methods in production whenever possible.
  • Strengthening our nation’s economy by depending upon American suppliers for products and services.
  • Supporting our communities by contributing to causes that advance the health and safety of children.

– the family

Market Manager Says

This family is a treasure & a wonderful inspiration for our community.  The children are home-schooled and the entire family work as a team, enthusiastically engaged in this family business.  The sun dresses and skirts are top quality, made in striking colors to inspire our young daughters to delight in summer play! Come greet and enjoy this very special family and take a good look at their wonderfully handcrafted children’s clothing.