Saturday, September 24, 2016

Welcome to our Autumn Market!
It’s autumn!
As we welcome the autumn greens and all kinds of squashes, with some awesome root vegetables filling out our plates, many summer crops are still with us to be enjoyed for a short while –
its neat how things slowly taper off and slowly arrrive
As the darkness slowly makes its presence felt in our mornings and evenings,
the spectacular autumn colors provide a feast for our eyes,
and the more hearty veggies and fruits,
fine nourishment for our bodies and souls.
Welcome autumn!

Yes, Cold Country Salmon, Pure Veg, Sophie’s Hand Pies, and Real Country Sausage will be at the market this week…I know you would want to ask…and Jerry’s Organic Berries will return with his new items such as tangerine, black crim, red and wild boar heirloom tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes (bumblebee, sweetie, yellow pear and black cherry). Also organic red potatoes, and bibb lettuce – not to mention his pickled AND fermented veggies and pico de gallo, made from his organic tomatoes.

DoctorSchar actually owns an orchard in Great Falls, so treats are announced as they emerge. This week, more paw paws, lots and lots of figs, a variety of honey’s and multi-colored eggs.
Yes, Tuscarora does have organic corn. for those who were asking last week.
Plain & Simple gets the autumn prize for her recipes – sweet potato crumb pie, and gluten-free pumpkin bread, and Liberty Hill Farm’s Pumpkin Patch Soup.
Remember to support local, and you can get some nice gifts at the Great Falls Historical Society (local publications and gifts) as well as Kai + Ros, who offers handmade handbags and accessories made right here in Great Falls!

The Next GreenFare Kick-Start begins on September 28th
If you are interested in losing weight, increasing your energy, and learning about this life-changing way to eat, consider signing up for GreenFare’s 21-day organic, whole-plant-food nutritional program called a KickStart developed by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  See www.pcrm.org which begins on September 28th.