Saturday, November 18, 2017, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM


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Thanksgiving is the one day in the entire year that everyone in this country shares in common – our shared American feast! Whether you are joining with family and friends or spending the day alone in quiet reflection, it is a day a gratitude, giving thanks, appreciating, being thankful.
Our lifetime of Thanksgiving Days merge in our memories, filled with the smell of a slow roasting turkey, the colors of carrots, corn pudding, cranberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, Brussel sprouts, warm gravy, and fruit pies – perhaps modified by newer eating choices or including recipes that merge country of origin flavors, herbs and ingredients.
Whether you find yourself alone or in the midst of a bustling crowd of family and friends, we wish that all of your Thanksgiving feasts of your entire life melt together, revealing all the people you have loved, all those who have loved you, and the huge opportunity before each of us to appreciate all around us and before us – heritage, home and habitat – in the coming years.
We at the Great Falls Farmers Market are grateful for you. In one of our food chats, one attendee wrote, “I want to be friends with all of those regular shoppers who attended the food chat. Each person was so conscious and intentional.” We have had the honor of being there for you as you have sought to make healthy food choices for your family. You have touched and inspired each of our vendors.
A heartfelt thanks for being you and best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Recipe & Veggie Pack

Beet & Orange Cranberry Chutney wth Walnuts

Written by Lisa Stewart, www.familyandforks.com

Veggie Pack includes certified organic cranberries, apple,  and beets, specially priced to encourage you to try new ways to cook winter veggies. (You will need to provide the orange, walnuts, and maple syrup.)

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